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Start spreading the news

Start spreading the news

It’s seems that our blog the other day has caused a slight buzz…even among-st our own staff who had already heard the news. We are glad that people are excited as this is something that we are all proud to have achieved.

So since it's Friday let’s spill the beans….Drum roll please!!!!

This year the SPD Team have been working hard in order to obtain an ISO 9001 Certification and we can reveal that a few weeks ago we received our official Certificate of Registration – High fives all round (and Krispy Crèmes)

So now I hear you say what is ISO 9001 and why is this good for SPD? ISO 9001 is a quality management system. A seal of approval from a third party company showing that your business works to a consistent level or quality and service. This is a big statement not only to the staff and management working within the company but also to all potential customers, Public Sectors and Tender Process’. This is proof that the SPD team can work to procedures ensuring that everything runs smoothly and that quality processes are in place so that if anything does go wrong it can be rectified quickly.

Over the last year our Quality Manager Graham Watt has been working alongside Andy Purdon and Samantha Davidson from HR Services. Together they worked at perfecting all of our processes from Quoting and Booking in jobs right through to Printing, Finishing and Packing. The company was then audited and the auditor sat with various members of staff in each department, shadowing them as they worked through the job process and asking questions relating to the procedures.

We are happy to say that the Audit was a huge success and we would like to take the opportunity to thank everyone that helped us to achieve our certificate. Special thanks go to Andy and Samantha at HR Services and to all the team at SPD for their effort through the year.

The certificate is of course a little smaller than the one in the photo below but in true printing style we decided to print a larger version for a wee photo opportunity with Graham and two of our printers Robert and Davie who have been with SPD for a number of years. We will proudly display this in our factory and will continute to work to the ISO standards ensuring that all products are of the best quality.

I'm sure you will all join in on congratulating the team.

Happy Friday Folks, we wish you all a happy weekend.


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